CSS Rotate v2


Note: this is purely for reference now as it is massively out of date. Do not use for anything that actually matters.

Background: This projects began as a request from a friend.  His site, acting as a working demo, is at Fried Pope.  He wanted the ability to have different stylesheets govern the look of his site, and be chosen randomly for each visitor.  In short, he wanted to rotate his style sheets.

Project: The result from that request, plus a major recode, is linked below.  The system is designed to pick a stylesheet from the directory you specify, and redirect the user to it.  It will remember the stylesheet selected for the user for their entire visit, so your site doesn’t keep changing its look.  That would be confusing.

Compatibility: This project works in all known browsers.

Use: Using this tool is extremely simple.  You must have a web host that supports PHP.

  1. Uncompress the source code, and put ‘cssrotate2.php’ in your website’s directory
  2. Open ‘cssrotate2.php’ with an HTML editor
  3. If you need to, change the the line under the comments to specify where your styles are ($stylesdir = “./styles”;)
  4. Save and close it
  5. Open any pages in your site that you want to have use CSS Rotate
  6. Add a link to it like you would any other stylesheet (<link href=”./styles/cssrotate2.php” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” />)
  7. Save and close those pages

download css rotate 2  [removed due to age]


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