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Note: this is purely for reference now as it is massively out of date. Do not use for anything that actually matters.

During the Spring Semester of 2007, I worked as the lead developer on the UAT Rogue Forums.  The project was designed and lead by Jordan Womack, a UAT Master’s Student.  Under him, the Rogue Forums was created as an alternative to UAT’s intranet forums; general opinion of the intranet forums was quite low.

We used and modified phpBB.  My portion of the project was to re-skin the bulletin board system, act as lead moderator, prevent non-UAT students from registering, and implement the post voting system.  phpBB version 3, RC5 was used and updated to subsequent release candidates.

Two php files were added to the core of phpBB3, one core file was modified, and additional tables were created in the database.  Currently this project only works with phpBB3 on a MySQL database, but I hope to make it database-independent.  Below is a snippet of code from the new files.

	$sql = 'INSERT INTO ' . VOTES_TABLE . ' ' . $db->sql_build_array('INSERT', array(
		'post_id'		=> (int) $post_id,
		'user_id'		=> (int) $user->data['user_id'],
		'adjust'		=> 1,
		'vote_time'		=> time(),
		'voter_ip'		=> $user->ip)

A working example of these modifications in a live phpBB3 environment can be seen at The Rogue Forums.  Please contact me for a login, as account creation is limited to UAT students only.  The new files associated with this project are linked below.

pbpBB voting system files [removed due to age]