I’m Mack Staples, the author of this blog.  I work for Zenefits, based in San Francisco, CA.  I manage our internal Red Team and advise on all aspects of security, especially around web, mobile, and cloud.

With a background in self defense and personal security, I transitioned into information security in college, earning bachelor’s degree from the University of Advancing Technology in Network Security.  Since starting my career as a consultant about a decade ago, I have conducted network, web, mobile, and infrastructure security reviews on companies in every vertical, from manufacturing to public works, banking, food, software development, financial services, and travel.

I also have have extensive experience with physical security. Since 1999, I have have taught firearms safety courses and acted as range officer for other instructors. My physical security knowledge also extends to lock technology; I have competed annually in the Defcon LPCon since 2005. All of this experience has been applied repeatedly while conducting physical security reviews for schools, public works agencies, and private citizens.

This blog is a collection of security topics that I felt were interesting enough to share and provide insight on.